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In the midst of everything that’s going on, in our neighborhoods, in our communities, on the news and on social media, sometimes it is best to take a breather, unplug and just walk away. Today there is so much going on, emotions are high and tempers are too. Many of us have been or still are quarantined, wasting time scrolling through the internet or watching tv. The images are disheartening and filled with violence. All of this compounding day after day, week after week has ill effects on the mind, the body and the family.

Getting away from it all is not easy. The prominent topics of the day are either the Pandemic, protests or riots. We grow weary with the burden of explaining all of this to our children. We grow weary trying to ensure they are safe and that they can believe it too. We want to disengage but there are only so many puzzles and board games to be played.

The world will still be there for you to conquer. It’s okay to break free and take a little family time to regroup:

  1. WALK AWAY – Take a walk with your family. Talk about something other than current events. Take your camera or cell phone and take pictures or collect artifacts (rocks, sticks, leaves) that you can use in artsy projects later,
  2. PLAY – Outside activity is good for the mind, body and soul. Get a little fresh air and vitamin D as you exercise. Tag, jump rope, basketball, hopscotch, foot races, or even running through the sprinklers will get your blood circulating and the endorphins will improve your mood.
  3. LISTEN TO MUSIC – There is nothing that can change a mood faster than music. Put on your favorite station and dance and sing like no one’s watching.
  4. THEME NIGHT – Turn off the news and host your own theme party. Movie night: tune into a fun comedy on Netflix, pop popcorn, and have sodas and candy. Ice Cream Party: several flavors and all the toppings! Sidewalk Chalk Festival: The sidewalk is perfectly divided for individual canvasses. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons are in order!
  5. SIGHT SEE – Haven’t been out in a while? How about a local road trip. A short or long drive can be nice when you haven’t been out and about. Enjoy a ride through unexplored neighborhoods or a trip to watch the waves on the beach.

Whatever you do, fully engage in taking time away from the stressors that surround you. Take some time for yourself and your family. The self care that you make for your and your family makes a big difference in your mental health. Teach you family the habit of family care and make it a priority. Recognize the time needed to walk away and give yourselves permission to take it.

Here is a great blog article on RADICAL SELF-CARE

© Ginger M Galloway

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